In 2017, Summit Energy Research was spun out of our sister company, Summit Financial, founded in 2012 and is a subsidiary of Summit Companies

Summit Energy Research is a firm entirely dedicated to servicing the Energy Sector.  Our goal is to provide actionable intelligence to Royalty Owners, Upstream Firms, Midstream Firms, and the Buy-Side Investment Community. We are just as comfortable striking valuations on public companies as we are managing a leasing campaign or planning an upstream development program. 

Our team today is comprised of professionals with expertise in Geology, Engineering, Land, Finance & Accounting.  Our collective experiences include both the investment world and corporate environments.  We have direct expertise in regions such as the Williston Basin, Powder River Basin, DJ Basin, Uinta Basin, Permian Basin, Eagleford and Marcellus.  We are your one-stop resource for nearly everything energy.  Our clients gain an edge by minimizing pitfalls, thus maximizing their investment dollars. 

We operate a with simple month-to-month contract based upon discipline-specific hourly rates.  Our fee structure is designed such that our clients gain access to seasoned professionals at the cost of a part-time employee.  We are your organization's alternative to instituting a high fixed-cost employee base.

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