Whether you are from an Energy Firm or an Investment Firm, there are three general steps to follow in the research process.  These steps encompass a multi-disciplined approach, utilizing professionals from the fields of Geology and Engineering to generate more accurate bottoms-up evaluation!

Step #1:
Geologic Assessment

      •Basin Analysis
      •Play Characterization
      •Acreage Evaluation
      •Attribute Mapping
      •Well Planning

Step #2:
Engineering Assessment

•PDP Assessment & Projection
•Acreage Productivity
•Productivity Variability; Probit Plot
•Undrilled Inventory Assessment
•Peer Data Analysis

Step #3:
Financial Evaluation

       •Compile Engineering PDPs
       •Construct Engineering Type Curves
       •Construct Engineering Locations
       •Project Wedge Development
       •Value Organization
       •Sensitize To Macro Environment